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Archiving Resources

When you archive resources you can export all the resources used by a specific tour or you can export all the resources in your account. Resources include categories, markers, symbols, marker styles, tooltip styles, font styles, and color schemes. Archiving resources is an easy way to share resources between accounts.

The Export Tour Resources and Export Account Resources features are included in the Pro plans.

When you archive resources for a specific tour, only those resources that are being used by that tour are exported. For example, if all your hotspots use the same marker called Arrow, then only the Arrow marker is exported. Any resources used by the Arrow marker, such as a marker style or font style will also be exported. If your tour does not use any of a certain resource, like categories, those resources are not exported.

When you archive all your resources, MapsAlive exports all the resources currently in your account regardless of whether they are used by any tours.

Exporting Resources

MapsAlive creates a zip file containing all the data for the exported resources. You do not need to extract the files from the zip and you must not modify the zip or its files. If you do make changes to it, you will not be able to import the resource archive into a MapsAlive account.

How to export tour or account resources
  • Choose Tour > Export from the Tour Builder menu
  • On the Export screen
    • Click Export Tour Resources or Export Account Resources
    • Click the OK button on the confirmation dialog

Importing Resources

When you import resources into a different account than the one from which the archive was created, MapsAlive adds all the resources found in the archive to the account. If the account already has a resource with the same name and the attributes of the resource in the archive and the resource in the account are identical it will not be imported. Resources with the same name, but with different attributes are appended with a suffix to differentiate them from the original.

When you import resources into the same account from which the archive was created, MapsAlive only imports those resources that are not already part of the account. You could archive resources, delete them from your account and later restore those resources by importing them from the archive.

How to import tour or account resources
  • Choose Account > Import > Tour from Archive from the Tour Builder menu
  • On the Import Tour From Archive File screen
    • Select In a file on my computer
    • Browse for the resource archive file you want to import
    • Click the Import button.

Importing Default MapsAlive Resources

You can also import the resources that come with MapsAlive. This is useful if you have deleted some or all of these resources and want to get them back. Any resources that are already in your account that have the same name as MapsAlive resources will not be imported. See Importing Default MapsAlive Resources.