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Manual Data Entry

You can add, remove, and update text and images on the Edit Hotspot Content screen of the MapsAlive Tour Builder. You can control marker actions such as what happens when someone clicks a hotspot’s marker by setting marker actions on the Marker Actions screen.


  • Simple and easy. You just type (or copy/paste) text, upload photos, and choose options.
  • The data does not have to already be stored somewhere else like in a file or database.
  • There is no process per se – you simply use the MapsAlive Tour Builder for content management.


  • May take a long time to enter and update if your tour has a lot of hotspots.
  • If the same data is also stored in a file or database, you’ll have two copies of the data (one in MapsAlive and one somewhere else). Any changes will have to be made in both places.