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You can add a banner image to the top of a Classic tour to add interest or display information such as your company name and contact information. When you add a banner to your tour the same image displays above all the maps, galleries, and data sheets in your tour. Note that Flex Map tours do not support banners.

The Banner and Branding features are available with the Plus and Pro Plans.

Working with Banners

To use a banner you must create your image outside of MapsAlive - you cannot create banners with MapsAlive.

For best results you should use a banner image that is the same width as your tour so that it fills the space above your tour from left to right. If you upload a banner image that is narrower than your tour width, the banner will be centered above your interactive map, leaving blank space to the left and the right. In this case, you can specify a background color to fill out the left and right sides of the banner image.

The tour below displays a banner image above the interactive map which is running in slideshow mode.

How to add a banner to a tour
  • Choose Layout > Banner Image from the Tour Builder menu
  • On the Banner Image screen:
    • Click Choose File and browse for your banner image on your computer
    • Click Load

You cannot add a banner to a Flex map tour.

How to replace a banner in a tour

Follow the same steps as for adding a banner to a tour. You do not need to remove an existing banner first.

How to remove a banner from a tour
  • Choose Layout > Banner Image from the Tour Builder menu
  • On the Banner Image screen:
    • Click the Remove banner link
How to set the background color of a banner

The banner background color is part of your tour's color scheme.

  • Choose Layout > Advanced Tour Layout from the Tour Builder menu
  • On the Advanced Tour Layout screen:
    • Click the Edit link next to the Color Scheme dropdown
    • On the Edit Color Scheme screen:
      • Set a background color in the Banner Background field

You can link to a web page when someone clicks on the banner by specifying the URL for the web page. You can also specify tooltip text that displays when users mouse over the banner. Typically, you would use the tooltip to tell users to click the banner. The tooltip text does not display unless you specify a URL.

How to link to a web page from a banner
  • Choose Layout > Banner Image from the Tour Builder menu
  • On the Banner Image screen:
    • Type the URL for the web page
    • Check the Open URL in New Window box if you want the web page to open in a separate browser window
    • To add a tooltip type the text in the Tooltip Text field

Branded and Unbranded Tours

Many people use a banner to add company branding to their interactive tours. There are some situations where branding may not be allowed, such as the Multiple Listing Service for real estate. The Allow Banner Hiding feature lets you use the same tour both "branded" and "unbranded." The branded version displays with the banner and the unbranded version displays without the banner. The advantage is that you do not have to create and maintain two separate versions of the same tour.

How to create an unbranded tour

To create a tour that can be used both branded and unbranded:

  • Choose Tour > Tour Manager from the menu
  • On the Tour Manager screen:
    • Check Allow Banner Hiding in the Advanced Options section

When you publish your tour, you can run your tour as follows:



Mobile Mode

When a tour that has a banner is displaying in mobile mode, the banner will display when the device is in portrait orientation, but to save space, not when the device is in landscape orientation. The exception is when the nav button location is the banner, in which case, the banner will display in both orientations.