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Web Service written in Python returning JSON

This page provides an example of a web service written in Python. The service supports the following requests:

  • Hotspot with response as JSON
  • Data with response as JSON


When the script below is invoked, the handleResponse function is called (see last line). The function determines whether the request is for a hotspot or for data and calls a function to get that information as a Python object. The handleResponse function then emits a header for JSON, converts the Python object to a JSON string, and emits the string as its response to the request.


import cgi
import json

def emit_hotspot(hotspot_id):
    if hotspot_id:
         response = {"html": f"Request for hotspot Id '{hotspot_id}' received"}
        response = {"error": f"No hotspot Id parameter provided"}
    return response

def emit_data(data_id):
    response = []
    if data_id:
        for i in range(1, 4):
            data = {"id": f"{data_id}-{i}", "html": f"<div>Data {i}</div>"}
        error = "No data Id parameter provided"
        response = {"error": error}
    return response

def handle_response():
    args = cgi.FieldStorage()
    type_arg = args.getvalue('type')
    id_arg = args.getvalue('id')

    if type_arg == "hotspot":
        response = emit_hotspot(id_arg)
    elif type_arg == "data":
        response = emit_data(id_arg)
        error = f"Unsupported type parameter '{type_arg}' provided" if type_arg else "No type parameter provided"
        response = {"error": error}

    print("Content-Type: application/json\n")



Below are examples of requests that invoke the above web service called

function onEventRequestLiveData(event) {
   let url = "";
   event.api.liveData.requestHotspot("json", 0, url, "type", "hotspot", "id",;
function onEventPageLoading(event) {
   let url = "";
   event.api.liveData.requestHotspot("json", 0, url, "type", "data", "id", "test");


Below are responses from the web service. You can click the links to see the responses in a browser.

Hotspot HTML as JSON

    "html": "Request for hotspot Id 'test' received"

Data as JSON

        "id": "test-1",
        "html": "<div>Data 1</div>"
        "id": "test-2",
        "html": "<div>Data 2</div>"
        "id": "test-3",
        "html": "<div>Data 3</div>"

Error as JSON

    "error":"No type parameter provided"