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Code Snippets

To make using tours as easy as possible, MapsAlive provides the HTML code you need to link to or embed a tour, or to put the tour in an iframe. The code appears on the Code Snippets screen.

How to see a tour's code snippets
  • View the tour on the Tour Preview screen
  • Click Show Code Snippets at the top of the screen.

A screenshot of the Code Snippets for a tour appears below.

The five sections of the Code Snippets are:

  1. URL to use when running the tour standalone in a browser.

  2. HTML for linking to the tour so that it opens in a separate window.

  3. HTML for linking to the tour so that it replaces the current window.

  4. HTML to display the tour in a web page using an iframe.

  5. The two lines of code you need to embed the tour in a web page. The surrounding code that appears in grey is there to provide a complete example of an HTML page that embeds a tour. Copy only the two bolded lines near the end and paste them into your own web page.