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Live Data Plugin for Omeka

Users of Omeka Classic can use their Omeka site as a MapsAlive Live Data server by installing the MapsAlive plugin for Omeka.

The MapsAlive plugin lets your Omeka installation act as a MapsAlive Live Data server that provides the interactive map with information from your Omeka items.

How it works

  • A user clicks or touches a hotspot on your interactive map.
  • The map makes a Live Data request to the plugin to get information for that hotspot. The request includes:
    • The identifiers of the item or items that contain the information for the hotspot.
    • The name of a template that describes how the information should be presented.
  • The plugin gets the information from the Omeka database and inserts it into places in the template that you specify.
  • The plugin sends the filled-in template back to the map as a Live Data response.

Get the plugin

The MapsAlive plugin is open source software that is available for free at