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What's New in MapsAlive V4

MapsAlive V4 is the fourth major release of MapsAlive. MapsAlive V1 was first released in 2006.


MapsAlive V4 has many new features and enhancements. Some of the most notable are:

Because V4 tours are responsive, fixed popups are not supported except in V3 Compatibility Mode.

Changes in V4

Feature V4 V3
HTTPS Entire site Only login and buy pages
Zoomable maps Full zoom range Only zoomed in or out
Responsive tours Yes No
Adding maps to web pages 2 lines of HTML Multiple lines, worse for multi-page tours
Multiple tours on the same page Yes No
Map Editor enhancements Yes ---
Hidden markers Marker style 50% transparent
Max tour size 4096x4096 2880x2880
Max map image size 4096x4096 2880x2880
Nudge markers using arrow keys New feature Not supported
Ctrl-click hotspot thumbnails New feature Not supported
Tours can run w/out web server Not supported Supported
maClient.path Not used Required
Custom JS include script file Not supported Supported
page arg in query string New feature Not supported
Unbranded tour via page1_.htm via index_.htm
Multi-page tour In one page In separate pages
Play sounds MapsAlive.Media Sound Manager
Live Data MapsAlive.LiveData livedata.js
Tour Layouts Some layouts removed #1-39 supported
Auto Layout Removed Supported
Splitters Shown in % Shown in px
Tour width and height Requires exact Supported max
Fixed popups Not supported Supported
Directory preview with LiveData Not supported Supported
Flash macro Not supported Supported
Iframe macro Deprecated Supported
Tour macro Deprecated Supported
Flash dependency None Used by the map editor