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You can run a slideshow that displays hotspot content in a loop when your tour loads. You can specify the order in which hotspots display and how long (in seconds) you want each hotspot to display. The slideshow stops when you mouse over or click a marker.

The tour below is running a slideshow. Refresh the page to start it from the beginning.
How to display hotspot content as a slideshow
  • Click Map > Advanced Map Options in the menu
  • On the Advanced Map Options screen:
    • Check the Run Slide Show When Map Loads checkbox

When the box is checked, the content for each hotspot on the map displays for the number of seconds you choose from the dropdown. The slide show stops automatically when you mouse over a marker.

How to set the order of hotspots in a slideshow
  • Choose Map > Advanced Map Options from the menu
  • On the Advanced Map Options screen:
    • Use the Hotspot Order list to move hotspots up or down in the list to order them the way you want